How to distinguish hunger

How to distinguish hunger

Which hunger do I feel? Real or not?

When thoughts about food are coming to your mind, just ask yourself sometimes if it’s for real your body needs energy (physiological hunger) or it’s a fake hunger (psychological) and you use your favorite foods to cover your emotions.

So, here are the questions:

1️⃣ Just now or some time?

Psycho-hunger comes always suddenly when you were busy with something and in one second become “dying from hunger”.

Physical hunger comes gradually and getting stronger with hours.

2️⃣ Chocolate cake or anything edible

Psychological hunger drives you to specific foods, the mind does not allow any substitutes.

Physical hunger we are satisfied with any fresh food, of course, you can preference, but it could be always found a compromise.

3️⃣ In your head or stomach?

When it’s Psycho-hunger, you are trapped by smells and foods look, in your head lots of thoughts about what you saw/sniffed and you can’t stand it. Physical hunger lives in the stomach when you feel rumbling, emptiness, or some discomfort.

4️⃣ Urgently or you can bear

Psychological hunger is very urgent! Instantly pushing you to treat emotional pain with food.

Physical hunger quite tolerant and you can easily wait for the following meal.

5️⃣ Troubles in the soul or in the stomach?

PSYCHO- hunger often comes with unpleasant emotions: conflict with a boss or close person, the child got ill, problems with work or business, and so on at any time, even if you recently have eaten. PHYSICAL hunger comes when the body needs energy and nutrients, usually 3-5h after the last meal.


6️⃣ Automatically or with taste.

When PSYCHOLOGICAL hunger comes, you can notice that you just simply intake foods without thinking. PHYSICAL hunger goes with mindful eating- you properly understand what, when and how you eat, and you clearly feel satiety.


7️⃣ Relief or not

PSYCHO-hunger often does not disappear even when the stomach is full, there is a wish to eat more and more… When you are upset of something your brain is urgently trying to get Dopamine (the happy hormone) and so you are hunting delicious food- the quickest source of this hormone.

PHYSICAL hunger vanishes immediately after your body has obtained enough energy and nutrients from a meal.


8️⃣ Ashamed or not?

PSYCHOLOGICAL hunger all the time is accompanied by guilt and shame feelings after overeating, “wrong” foods, delicious meals, explosion for foods.

PHYSICAL hunger is a need for life, for human beings. There is absolutely no guilt or shame.



Eat healthy, exercise, and be happy 💕⠀