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With individual coaching you can lose up to 5kg
or achieve better health condition for 4 weeks

  • Scientific approach and evidence-based methods
  • Recommendations of the leading British Associations
  • Psychological tactics and constant support

How the coaching works

1. Applying

2. Payment

3. Filling up the detail questionnaire, sending resuts of any examinations

4. Initial Skype-meeting,
or in person in London (1h)

6. Getting a personalized diet
(7 options for each meal),
a list of products and

5. Daily online chat via WhatsApp
(5 days a week for 1 hour)
Discussing meals, foods, everyday life, what is right or wrong

You need individual coaching if

  • You have excess weight or obesity and fighting with it for long years
    (tried all possible diets and strategies, but the excess weight always come back)
  • Your excess weight is very resistant and you can not to decrease it
    (trying your best - dietiting and doing sports, but results are not coming)
  • Severe chronic skin problems, especially in decompensate phase (acne, psoriasis)
  • Digestion problems, what do not allow to live normally
  • Weakness, fatigue, anxiety, depression
  • Various chronic diseases (of heart and vessels, GUT, thyroid gland etc., diabetes, autoimmune, allergic, gynecologic deseases) together with obesity/overweight
  • Very higher cholesterol, higher blood sugar (prediabetes or decompensation of diabetes), very low hemoglobin
  • Infertility with obesity/overweight (preparation for IVF, IUI)
  • I will be in your phone every day, supporting you, counting and thinking instead of you, creating strategy and finding a solution for any situation
  • We will adjust nutrition and activity exactly for your personal needs, wishes and health condition, your lifestyle and circumstances
  • No strict bans and exhausting workouts. You will be able to eat anything you like but in CLEVER WAY and add activities only according to your wishes and health condition.
  • You will only need to follow the advices. And even when you can't- we will find a way out together.
  • We will be surviving good or bad days together, managing psychological matters
  • Weight actively will be leaving you (fat mass but not muscles and water like after most of restricted diets). And it won't come back as your head will be completely different and you can easily continue all by yourself.
  • You will be improving your health and solving problems (digestive, skin and other issues). If you have a disease (such as DM, hypertension, osteoarthritis etc.), we will manage your nutrition according to protocols and will try to reach sustainable remission.

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