Holistic approach to weight reduction
in women over 30

Hello, my name is Dr.Katsiaryna Emeljana.

I am a holistic weight loss specialist, dealing with the cases when women cannot reach their healthy weight on their own, when they tried a lot of options but the excess weight always stays, comes back, or constantly enlarges.  

I used to work in conventional medicine as a medical doctor (GP), but some years later changed my way and chose functional and holistic medicine instead. I turned my qualification to a clinical nutritionist (MSc), psychologist (CBT practitioner), and additionally – fitness coach.

Nowadays I help women to reach and maintain healthy body weight and build healthy relationships with food. I work with difficult cases when a weight problem becomes a “center of the whole life” due to frustrating experiences and health problems.

I apply in my practice a complex holistic approach, including functional medicine, scientific nutritherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.


-Excess weight / Obesity with or without associated diseases

-Yo-yo effect, diet circles, weight regain

-Compulsive eating

-Binge eating


-Night food consumtion


-Guilt after eating "wrongly"

-Fears in nutrition and weight

-Constant counting of calories and grams

-Frequent diets, specifically FAD and hungry ones

-Low self-esteem, self-criticizing