Holistic approach to weight reduction
in women over 30

Hello, my name is Katsiaryna Emeljana.

I am a holistic women`s weight specialist, dealing with the cases when ladies cannot reach their healthy weight on their own when they tried a lot of options but the excess weight always stays, comes back, or constantly enlarges. Since 2010 I work with weight loss in women. 

I used to work in conventional medicine as a medical doctor (GP), but some years later I got an additional degree in nutrition and dietetics and started to run my private practice as a weight loss specialist. Later, when I understood that the excess weight issue in women is not only about lifestyle and nutrition, I began to deeply learn psychology.

Nowadays I help women worldwide to reduce weight and fix the result via buiding own nutrition style. I work with the cases when a weight problem becomes a “center of the whole life” due to frustrating experiences and health problems.

I don`t give any diets or restrictions to my clients. I try to educate them rather than give instructions. Together we build a very comfortable for them personalized nutrition, and try to find limiting beliefs and destructive attitudes, which usually stop them from effective weight loss.

I apply in my practice a complex holistic approach, including functional medicine, scientific nutritherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

I will be happy to answer the questions and explore your case, don`t hesitate to text me on WhatsApp


-Excess weight / Obesity with or without associated diseases

-Yo-yo effect, diet circles, weight regain

-Compulsive eating

-Binge eating


-Night food consumtion


-Guilt after eating "wrongly"

-Fears in nutrition and weight

-Constant counting of calories and grams

-Frequent diets, specifically FAD and hungry ones

-Low self-esteem, self-criticizing

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Women's Weight Specialist
The story of one client. With permission to tell ✅️➡️ Kattie’s childhood wasn’t easy. She had quite difficult relationship with her parents and so many times felt lonely when she was a teenager. From 14 she started to gain weight and afterwards strongly was bullied in school because of it. She was fighting with her weight nearly the whole conscious life as she described. Now she is 47, a very successful businesswomen, has a family and everything seems to be great. However, excess weight around 40 kg doesn’t want to go away and makes her miserable all the time! She has tried so many diets and different methods to reduce her body weight, but it always stays or comes back even if was reduced. 😔 She came to me in despair with words "I feel something wrong inside my mind, maybe patterns or way of thinking, I don’t know exactly, but suspect that I need something I’ve never tried, like psychology". We started to work deeper on her beliefs and attitudes and in a while her subconscious finally revealed one of the main clues – that her body uses her excess weight as a PROOF OF HER VALUE due to a lot of neglecting and ignoring in a very young age. ❗️Unconsciously she wanted to show the world "Hey, look at me all. I am heavy and big! I am here and very significant, important and VALUABLE". After some sessions of behavioural therapy she slowly stopped finding comfort in her food, especially in sweets. She already could do better nutrition choices without inner voice like "Eat it, anyway you are fat, and you have one life, enjoy".When she started to understand herself, weight loss turned on automatically with no many efforts. Still a lot of work needs to be done, but now she is on the right way to rise self awareness and own behavior analyzing rather than non-stop criticizing.If you find here something similar to your own story and you need help, feel free to contact me via WhatsApp 🙌 See MoreSee Less
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