Holistic Medicine treats You - not the Disease

Scientific Nutrition + Behavior Psychology

Diseases treatment by NATURAL WAY

Hi, My name is Dr.Katsiaryna Emeljana Molnar.
I am a Holistic Medicine Practitioner.

Initially, I am a medical doctor – General Practitioner (GP) with education in Clinical Nutrition (MSc), Dermatology, and Psychology.

I had been working in conventional medicine in the Republic of Belarus for about 5 years and then decided to change my specialization to Holistic Medicine. My approach includes Scientific Nutrition + Behavior Psychology + Functional medicine. It means I help people to improve health and wellness through the body and mind.

I received my additional degree in Dietetics and Nutrition several years ago in Moscow and recently graduated MSc Clinical Nutrition course at Roehampton University, London. Next to it, I was studying Psychology, particularly Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neurolinguistics Programming and Psycho physiology. Besides, a wide experience in sports (more than 10 years I was teaching fitness classes), gives me the opportunity to add relevant advice in physical activity for my patients.

Currently, I live in the UK, London, and work with my patients online worldwide. Since 2016 I have been working with excess weight/obesity and skin diseases, bringing the complex approach to the management of these issues. At the moment my main specialization is Infertility in women over 30. I help ladies to balance their hormones and tackle chronic diseases, which massively increases chances to conceive naturally, even if there are serious health problems. “OUR HEALTH IS DIRECTLY DEPENDS ON WHAT WE EAT AND HOW WE THINK!”

I help people to manage health disorders only by natural way, i.e. via setting up high-quality nutrition and a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. My aim is to treat macro-and micronutrient deficiencies that result in disorders and diseases constant remission or healing. I always try to find the reason for a problem but not treat only the symptoms of it.

I`m applying all my knowledge and experience in my special nutrition system called “DES”, which helped already hundreds of women to get healthier.

I love what I am doing and give myself to it 100%


My specialization is the following disorders in women over 30


Infertility due to:

-PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


-Irregular menstruation 


-Thyroid problems (both an over- or underactive thyroid gland)

-Premature ovarian failure

-Pelvic inflammatory disease (frequent infections of female genital tract)

-Unexplained infertility

Skin, gut issues

Acne, psoriasis, seborrhea, alopecia; IBS, constipation, bloating

Obesity/ecxess weight with associated diseases

Obesity/excess weight with: 

-prediabetes/diabetes type 2

-cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, arrhythmia, hypercholesterolemia, 

dyslipidemia, after stroke and heart attack conditions)



-visceral obesity with Metabolic Syndrome

-eating disorders (binge eating, sweets craving, emotional eating, food fears, 

gain weight fears, slow metabolism, yo-yo effect)

Immune system issues

Weak immune system – frequent virus/bacterial/fungus infections

Autoimmune diseases 

Services and Prices


1-hour Initial consultation – ₤115

40-minutes return consultation – ₤70

transformation program

4 weeks of program – ₤350

(includes 4 weekly 1-hour sessions + educational material)


“Dr Katsiaryna’s system is working for me! Post menopause, I had very little energy, suffered from regular brain fog, aches and pains and despite knowing better could not get motivated to exercise. My background is in health, a qualified nurse and Health Visitor, I had knowledge of healthy eating, but nothing seemed to work for me. I tried numerous diets and regimes including fasting. My metabolism was sluggish, mood low. I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed at 7.00pm each night. Dr Katsiaryna was recommended to me and I had the initial scan. It was awful and very worrying to hear how much visceral fat I carried, I fully understood the awful health implications of this and my physiological age was 5 years above my actual age. A fortnight later I have lost significant amounts of both external and internal body fat. I am eating Dr Katsiaryna’s recommended balanced diet based on the food I loved including cheese and wholemeal/grain bread, fruit etc but thought I couldn’t eat and lose weight. It was beyond refreshing to have a qualified Doctor busting myths about what you can and can’t eat. The biggest impact is on my energy levels. I’m out of bed early each morning and working out including the treadmill and cross-trainer. I can’t believe I’m writing this!! It’s been over 9 years since I have felt like this. I am enthusiastic about life and hopeful for the future. Dr Katsiaryna said this is only the start, it will get better and better. She hasn’t been wrong so far, so I can’t wait. I highly recommend her. You have nothing to lose except exhaustion and unhealthy body fat. She is helping me enjoy life again. Thanks so much Dr Katsiaryna.”