Holistic approach in Excess Weight, Infertility, and Miscarriage

Hello, my name is Dr.Katsiaryna Emeljana Molnar

I am a medical doctor (GP), clinical nutritionist (MSc), and psychologist (CBT-practitioner)

I help women to reach their optimum weight, general health, and fertility in order to conceive naturally (or increase chances for a successful attepmt of  assisted reproductive technology such as IVF/ICSI), carry to the term, and deliver a healthy baby. I apply a complex holistic approach, including functional medicine, scientific nutritherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

When a women comes to me with Excess Weight, Infertility or Miscarriage issues, I “deeply dig into” the situation to find out what may cause the problem. We start with a detailed questionnaire about health, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, followed by a precise exploration of the situation during the initial consultation. I study every single point of blood tests and other examinations to catch any hint of what exactly can be wrong. Even if all the results appear to be “ok” (what`s called unexplained infertility), we work together on high quality of family nutrition, healthy lifestyle and mindset in order to achieve optimum health and maximal power of the body.

My main specialization is Excess Weight, Infertility and Recurrent Miscarriage
in women over 30


-Excess weight / Obesity with or without associated diseases

-Compulsive / binge eating / overeating / night food consumtion / cravings / guilt after eating "wrongly" / fears in nutrition and weight

-Unexplaned infertility

-PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


-Irregular menstruation


-Thyroid problems (both an over- or underactive thyroid gland)

-Premature ovarian failure

-Pelvic inflammatory disease (frequent infections of female genital tract)


-Recurrent miscarriage

Services and Prices

personalized NUTRITION

Personalazed diet according to a detail questionnaire – ₤30

Initial consultation in nutrition and supplementation (1h) – ₤50

Follow-up consultation – ₤35

psychological help

1 h session – ₤50

4 sessions a month – ₤180

8 sessions a month – ₤320

(nutritherapy + CBT):

1,5-hour Initial Consultation – ₤110

1-hour Follow-up Consultation – ₤70

transformation program

Four-week program – ₤310