unique system of high-quality nutrition, smart weight loss and rational sports

of clinical dietitian / fitness trainer

katsiaryna emeljana

"We are what we eat!"

Hello everyone! My name is Katsiaryna Emeljana.

For many years I am working in the sphere of health and fitness.

All my work is about to IMPROVE the STATE OF HEALTH and QUALITY of LIFE of my patients!

My main goal — to help you TO ADJUST your body ONLY RIGHT WAY, without harm for HEALTH!

I put my knowledge and experience to my SYSTEM and with it I teach you how to feed and train your body SMART and HIGH QUALITATIVE WAY!
I help you to understand modern food and fitness, what is good and what it is bad for our body!

Most of my clients are those who want to lower fat percent in their body.
I am a big opponent of various STRICT diets!

To all my patients and clients I help ONLY with HEALTHY NATURAL SATURATING food and adequate sports!

I like to help people and support everyone!

The main benefits of my system "DES"

No strict bans!

System allows EVERYTHING!
Just with some secrets of DES!

No time limits

You do not need "to do a diet" months or year! Changing your mind and your habits with incredible knowledge you will change your lifestyle forever!

No any counting!

It`s not a temporary diet or program, it is a system for HEALTHY life! No need to count any grams and components. You just need to understand the system!

No delusions!

DES gives you proper information only from reliable sources, which was checked for many years by practical and evidence-based medicine!

No hunger!

The system asks CONSTANT proper saturation need! You need to eat quite a lot and feed your body maximally qualitative! It is forbidden to feel strong hunger!

No hard and exhausted sports!

On the system you will learn how to choose adequate, rational load, which you can do WITH PLEASURE!

"Movement is life!"