Holistic approach to weight reduction
in women over 30

Hello, my name is Katsiaryna Emeljana.

I am a holistic women`s weight specialist, dealing with the cases when ladies cannot reach their healthy weight on their own when they tried a lot of options but the excess weight always stays, comes back, or constantly enlarges. Since 2010 I work with weight loss in women. 

I used to work in conventional medicine as a medical doctor (GP), but some years later I got an additional degree in nutrition and dietetics and started to run my private practice as a weight loss specialist. Later, when I understood that the excess weight issue in women is not only about lifestyle and nutrition, I began to deeply learn psychology.

Nowadays I help women worldwide to reduce weight and fix the result via buiding own nutrition style. I work with the cases when a weight problem becomes a “center of the whole life” due to frustrating experiences and health problems.

I don`t give any diets or restrictions to my clients. I try to educate them rather than give instructions. Together we build a very comfortable for them personalized nutrition, and try to find limiting beliefs and destructive attitudes, which usually stop them from effective weight loss.

I apply in my practice a complex holistic approach, including functional medicine, scientific nutritherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

I will be happy to answer the questions and explore your case, don`t hesitate to text me on WhatsApp


-Excess weight / Obesity with or without associated diseases

-Yo-yo effect, diet circles, weight regain

-Compulsive eating

-Binge eating


-Night food consumtion


-Guilt after eating "wrongly"

-Fears in nutrition and weight

-Constant counting of calories and grams

-Frequent diets, specifically FAD and hungry ones

-Low self-esteem, self-criticizing

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😫 "I’m a cow, I am an elephant. I must lose weight, I don’t want to be a fat pig"…Often girls criticize themselves in front of the mirror when they have excess weight and are willing to reduce it. However, with this type of mindset, it’s not gonna happen. Even if it is, not for a long ☝️🧠 Despite you being willing to lose weight, your subconscious mind accepts the command words or thoughts "I am fat" and targets it.That’s why a lot of excuses and obstacles appear in your way. Like "I had no time for a workout today", or "I ate sweets cos I couldn’t stop myself" or "I had no time for healthy food and ate rubbish" or got cold, etc.Often you are wondering about all that excuses, how come they appear always not in the right time when you desperately need to get rid of excess kilos, for the holiday for example.💫 It’s all Subconscious Games, dear ladies. If you repeat 10-20 times a day in your mind or even worse aloud "I am fat, I am a pig, I hate my body", and only a couple of times "I want to lose weight, I will be fit". Then your mind will spontaneously choose the most sound option and will lead you to this. No matter the circumstances.If you follow a diet, somehow the inner voice will interrupt that diet. Or if you started all the healthy and active things, your body suddenly might get cold/stomach bug or other "excuse" not to stick to weight loss program.❗️My main advice for effective weight loss is to talk to your body KINDLY and focus on WHAT YOU WANT but WHAT YOU DON’T!This principle is called neurolinguistic programming. Scientists for long years study it. NLP works brilliantly in all fields of life – health, success, and relationships. And of course, such goals as weight reduction are also here.Work not only on your lifestyle but on your mindset as well. Start right now and the results won’t wait for too long 😉With best regards, Katsiaryna Emeljana.dr-emeljana.com/ See MoreSee Less
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