Bioimpedance segmental body composition analysis

  • Measuring general body fat mass
  • Calculating visceral (internal) fat and fat tissue in body segments (arms, legs, trunk)
  • Detecting general muscle tissue and on segments
  • Detecting general body water and in segments
  • Evaluation intra- and extracellular water
  • Detecting edema and edema index (general and in segments)
  • Bone tissue analysis, bones mineralization data (general and in segments)
  • Calculating protein and mineral mass in body
  • Calculating BMI, basal metabolic rate, waist/hips index
  • Controlling the data in dynamic

Why this test is so important?

  • During weight loss process it is very important to check the decreasing EXACTLY fat tissue but not muscles and water!
  • If it is muscle building process it is very important to see PRIMARILY muscle tissue growth but not fat tissue, and estimate SEGMENTAL muscles growth.
  • When there is an abdominal (visceral) obesity (the most dangerous for the health) It is very important to verify internal fat loss and speed of this process.
  • Also it is very important to identify VISCERAL OBESITY and METABOLIC SYNDROM!
  • If there is hidden EDEMA on the test - important to go to the specialist in time!
  • Very effective to track reducing fat and building up muscle tissue specifically IN SEGMENTS (different body parts).
  • Important to know bones mineralization status and if it`s any deviations - to see the doctor in time!

What is this test?
If it`s dangerous?

NO! It is absolutely safety non invasive method of examination!

Bioimpedance analysis based on body tissues electrical resistance.

The only one contraindication – fixed pacemaker.

Also I do not recommend to do the test during pregnancy.

How does the test go?

The analysis takes approximately 10-15 minutes, including examination itself – about 1 min, printing out and interpretation of the results – the rest time. Plus getting some short recommendations according the results of the test. 

The cost and venue

The price – £20 

The place – 8 Lathkill Court, Hayne road, Beckenham, UK, BR3 4JH