Natali, 41 years old

“I would like to thank a lot Katsiaryna! She helped me to improve my health, she explained me so simply what to do and what I shouldn’t do with my diseases. She sent me a very clear diet instruction considering my health problems. I never expected that food may influence our state of health so much. Let alone my analyses results and health survey. I had problems with liver (adipose hepatosis) and pancreas disease. The result of analysis showed me that I had high cholesterol and bad sugar blood level.

When I came back to make the control scan of abdomen, the doctor asked me what I was doing to improve the results. Everything went back to normal way without any medicine. In the meantime I lost my weight. But I didn’t lose my weight on purpose because the most important thing for me at that moment was to improve my health. As soon as the doctor looked through my analysis results I was recommended to decrease cholesterol and sugar blood level otherwise I had a risk to get diabetes. But before to start taking medicine I was also recommended to find a professional dietitian. And I found! Thanks again, Dr. Katsiaryna Emeljana! :)”