Testimonial 1

“I always dreamt to get into the system made by Katsiarna Emeljana and my wish came true. Many things happened to me during this system. There were happy and sad moments. But I had a goal and a strong impetus because Katsia was supporting me. I learnt how to eat properly, how to fulfil my organism with vitamins and minerals, I understood how to set up trainings in a proper way.

What should we eat and what products are we allowed.  What should I cook for my family besides cooking for myself. Children always imitate their parents so that’s why we should be an excellent example for them.

Start at you! During the controlling programme I lost my weight and a lot of centimeters at the waist, I started feeling so great. I’ve got a great experience, beautiful shapes and good health. I’m not supposed to give up, just moving ahead. Thanks Katsiaryna for helping me to cope with my problem!”