Scientific online-experiment
"Effects of meal frequency on weight loss, hunger and satiety"

Start: 1st of June 2020
Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: free

For whom:

➡️whoever would like to lose up to 4kg of excess weight
➡️women, 18-60 years old
➡️has no nutrition-associated diseases (diabetes; prediabetes; dyslipidemia-higher cholesterol, TG; gut issues) and special conditions (pregnancy, breastfeeding)- write to me if you doubt

What you need to do in the experiment:

1. Fill up the online-questionnaire (2 times: before the experiment and in the end)

2. Follow your best all recommendations and a prepared for the project balanced diet for weight loss (moderate restrictions, not hungry diet)

3. Read and listen to the reseracher`s instructions (I will do weekly Webinars for answering all questions, and write posts with information to the emails).

Two different groups will be studied:

🍏Frequent eaters (4-5 times a day)
🍏Seldom eaters (3 times a day, without any snacks and drinks in between, apart of water)

***If you find it difficult being a participant of the study, or your circumstances change you will be able to quit the project any moment.

Sincerely, Dr.Katsiaryna Emeljana

To apply, fill up the contact form below

For women