Myth 1

My favorite myths about food, PART 1:

“Carbohydrates are scary” 😈

I want to discuss this topic widely because I hear this absolutely wrong opinion from my clients every day and I think there are no more people left who does not believe in that nonsense.

The myth says: if you want to lose your weight you should cut carbs in your ration… And with these “low-carbs” diets later you are surprised of losing your hair process, your broken nails,  smell of acetone from your mouth, different cracks on your lips, your dry skin and spots on your skin, exhaustion, angriness, irritation and so on and so force. I am not even saying about the processes inside.

Nowadays it is a capital boom unfortunately!! People started limiting carbs in their meal so they started losing important components and minerals. If you look through the pyramid of nutrition you’ll see that the cereals go first as the base. Those important slow carbs are important for you because they give us life energy.

Proteins and fats would never replace carbs as the most important recourses of energy. True, from proteins and fats our organism can get glucose and then from glucose our organism also gets energy during losing reserves. BUT! Each component has its function.

From 1 gram of carbs there are 4 calories, from 1 gram of protein it’s the same. And from fats there are 9 calories!
But, my friends, this is completely different energy. Carbs burn quickly and they turn into great energy for movements and work of brains (in short livelihoods). 

For work of muscles (actions) and for brain work our organism needs healthy  FAST energy which it gets ONLY from carbs and very easily.

If you replace them your organism will feel bad. It won’t start immediately get energy from deposited fats, just trust me. First it will start destroy everything what easier for your organism is. For example proteins (from food, from their reserves and as soon as they’re ended your organism will owe it from your muscles!!). And another thing is to get energy from fats, the process is really hard and slow and in this moment the organism is already exhausted from out of good energy!!!

Normally the organism goes to stored fats just when there is enough quick energy for life!! and there start working definite hormones (at night time and around or during aerobics)! This is the right healthy way of burning fat! 

When you feel very hungry (low-carbs diets) and your organism can’t find the recourses for energy, glucose appears from fats (but not from the right part of fat molecule!!!)

Polyunsaturated fats (base of deposited fats and the resourse of life energy) “burn” and create 9 calories from 1 gram not for work of your muscles, first of all for energetic support of a million reactions and for work of automatic systems (breath, heart beating, digestion, metabolic processes of burning carbs!! in short – our life).

And glyceryn, another part of molecule of fat, can invert to glucose  when you are on a “low-carbs diet”  but in this moment the body straight away slows down the basic metabolism!!!!!

In other words, the metabolism will decrease (the speed of exchange reactions and other processes of organism will be reduced). That’s why we can feel sometimes weakness, lethargy and drowsiness. Hair, nails, eyelashes start growing slowly, appears a desire of doing nothing, “I would like to lay” etc. The same happens to our laptop and phone when the battery goes down and they turn on the regime of energy economizing.

Besides it precludes us to do our work, to be with our family etc. So this mechanism of saving energy will turn back with so much suffering and as soon as you get fast carbs they will be delayed in your weight. I hear all the time from young girls “oh I lost so much weight but when I eat little ice-cream I become so fat”
This is so called “slowing down of metabolism”.



So why do you want to murder yourself with the lack of complete energy if for losing weight you may just make your diner lighter, exclude garbage, sleep well and add more physical exercises.




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