"We are what we eat"

The Main Healthy Habits

Sleep well

Try your best go to bed before 11pm (the latest 00.00)
It is more than important for health and fitness

No acute hunger

Never be very hungry! It will push energy saving and consequently metabolism decline. Also, do not eat if you are not hungry yet

Reduce fats

Pick less in fat foods in the shop, but NOT FAT-FREE! Use a brush or spray for oil when frying
(it may be hidden fat, which widely rises energy intake) Fry less, chose other ways of food preparation (baking, boiling,steaming,grilling,stewing)

Take supplements

Omega3 (fish oil) 1000mg of EPA+DHA daily
Vitamin D at least 800 IU daily

Drink enough water

Drink 1 glass of still water 10-30 minutes before every meal

More vegetables

At least half plate for lunch and dinner

Eat sweets wisely

If you would like to eat some sweets (or drink juice), it is possible to do so after lunch as a desert and a small amount of it! Preferably to eat more natural sweets (dark chocolate, jelly, honey, homemade sweets, fresh juice).

Don`t cut carbs too low

If you reduce complex carbohydrates lower than daily requirements, the body will reduce energy expenditure turning energy saving metabolic mechanisms on. Consequently, the metabolism will slow down.
Also, fat might not burn in this case at all
if you want to lose weight.

Add physical activity

Choose what you like
and never force yourself doing sports

No late dinners

Dinners no later than 3h before sleep
Exception - 1 vegetable or not sweet fruit when you are very hungry (no closer than 1 h before bed)

Reduce processed foods

Avoid any processed and refined food (white wheat flour, white rice, rice noodles, wheat and egg noodles, sugar, half-cooked or frozen food, refined oils, margarine, pastry, white bread, sweet drinks and juices, any fizzy drinks)

Watch your protein

Proteins are bricks of our bodies. Not enough proteins = not enough health! I recommend including the Protein part in all main three meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are vegan or vegetarian - make sure you get an abundant quantity of essential amino acids!

"Movement is life!"