Alcohol and losing weight

Alcohol and losing weight

Why it`s affecting the process…

There are always in our life parties and disco, guests and meetings with the friends. What can we do with the alcohol if we lose our weight and eat healthy food?
This is the most popular question which my patients constantly ask me about.🤓

This is particularly relevant question because healthy food is not just a limited diet. First of all this is the way you choose your healthy complete food for all your life. As a rule it’s impossible totally to refuse alcohol because it has become traditional to have strong drinks when we celebrate holidays. 🥂🍻

Certainly as a doctor I would recommend you to minimize drinking alcohol especially during the process of losing your weight. But if your wish is so strong or circumstances make you to drink alcohol then you should pay attention about a couple of things below.

Alcohol is a set of empty calories (energy). 1 gram of alcohol is about seven calories. They don’t contain any nutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) – so they can’t locate as fat deposit in your body that’s why the excess of them disappears while we are dancing, talking and making other actions. 

But everything that goes after the alcohol may be deposited as fat in our body because looking for easy prey of energy our organism prefers the molecules of ethanol which get into our liver immediately and burning give us more energy (the base of life).

For example, you had lunch at 2 p.m. so you got energy enough for 3-4 hours then you wanted to eat again (your organism told you to start looking for energy).

Then let’s imagine at 6 p.m. you visited your friends and you decided to chill out, so you had alcohol with a sandwich. Your organism quickly got this energy, basically they would be proteins and fats, because your organism constantly needs them.

But the carbs (main source of energy) and a part of fats your organism would collect as strategic reserve because right at that moment there was enough energy from alcohol. 👆

Here is the main reason of slowing down of the losing weight process. It doesn’t mean at all you can’t eat while you are drinking alcohol (not at all), you must eat during this process because:

⚠️definitely it’s not enough for your body to get “EMPTY” energy. For example if you have a party with your friends (I mean alcohol and fast food) instead of having regular healthy dinner then your metabolism will be slowed down. Having the lack of important components, the process of fat burn becomes very slow. And remember that alcohol without food is the straight way to stomach diseases.

⚠️Everything that you’ve drank goes straight ahead in to your blood. Your liver tries hard to break down everything you’ve got. If you get too much alcohol then the extra doze freezes on the first leverage of oxidation creating acetaldehyde which is a very strong poison. That’s why sometimes when we drink too much alcohol we have a headache and vomiting in the morning. So if you have normal food while you’re drinking alcohol the part of it doesn’t fall in to you blood, it passes by.

So what are we supposed to do? My recommendations are:

  1. let’s choose an optimal decision: low-alcohol drinks contain less calories (though there are more carbohydrates but the level is not critical). Let’s compare, for example: 150 grams of dry red wine will bring you 114 calories of energy. Those calories will be wasted by your organism quickly and it will start waste reserves of delayed fats. But as soon as you drink 100 grams of vodka you’ll get 235 calories which don’t dissolve that simply (especially since people drink usually more than 100 grams).

  2. Don’t drink a lot. For the comfort of your liver it shouldn’t be more than 50 grams of alcohol (it’s about 300-350 ml of dry wine or 120 grams of cognac etc.). It’s just like the same mechanism: the more you drink alcohol the longer the nutrients “rest” in your organism, the same happens to vitamins and to microelements (that’s why sometimes we feel energized but still hungry).

  3. Mix the drinks. Mix wine with water, mix whiskey with soda (better without gases). It helps to reduce the speed and the quantity of getting alcohol in your blood. Besides additional water is simply important for your body because alcohol is the strongest diuretic and easily becomes the result of dehydration.

  4. You should choose drink with the highest level of tanning substance which slows down absorption of alcohol. Red wine here is more preferable than white wine, as cognac and whiskey are more preferable than vodka and gin.

  5. And of course eat well. Here is the same principle as it would be during having healthy food. The carbs should be slow and the protein should be taken from low-fat fish and meat. There should be fewer fats. Alcohol plus fats is the scary combination (it’s a straight way to pancreatitis). Eat more vegies and fruits but everything should be balanced. It shouldn’t be just oranges with wine or dry fish with beer instead of a normal dinner.

  6. You should stretch the time and have as slow as possible your drinks then you may avoid easier all the negative consequences for you but meantime enjoy the evening with your friends.



Myth 1

My favorite myths about food, PART 1:

“Carbohydrates are scary” 😈

I want to discuss this topic widely because I hear this absolutely wrong opinion from my clients every day and I think there are no more people left who does not believe in that nonsense.

The myth says: if you want to lose your weight you should cut carbs in your ration… And with these “low-carbs” diets later you are surprised of losing your hair process, your broken nails,  smell of acetone from your mouth, different cracks on your lips, your dry skin and spots on your skin, exhaustion, angriness, irritation and so on and so force. I am not even saying about the processes inside.

Nowadays it is a capital boom unfortunately!! People started limiting carbs in their meal so they started losing important components and minerals. If you look through the pyramid of nutrition you’ll see that the cereals go first as the base. Those important slow carbs are important for you because they give us life energy.

Proteins and fats would never replace carbs as the most important recourses of energy. True, from proteins and fats our organism can get glucose and then from glucose our organism also gets energy during losing reserves. BUT! Each component has its function.

From 1 gram of carbs there are 4 calories, from 1 gram of protein it’s the same. And from fats there are 9 calories!
But, my friends, this is completely different energy. Carbs burn quickly and they turn into great energy for movements and work of brains (in short livelihoods). 

For work of muscles (actions) and for brain work our organism needs healthy  FAST energy which it gets ONLY from carbs and very easily.

If you replace them your organism will feel bad. It won’t start immediately get energy from deposited fats, just trust me. First it will start destroy everything what easier for your organism is. For example proteins (from food, from their reserves and as soon as they’re ended your organism will owe it from your muscles!!). And another thing is to get energy from fats, the process is really hard and slow and in this moment the organism is already exhausted from out of good energy!!!

Normally the organism goes to stored fats just when there is enough quick energy for life!! and there start working definite hormones (at night time and around or during aerobics)! This is the right healthy way of burning fat! 

When you feel very hungry (low-carbs diets) and your organism can’t find the recourses for energy, glucose appears from fats (but not from the right part of fat molecule!!!)

Polyunsaturated fats (base of deposited fats and the resourse of life energy) “burn” and create 9 calories from 1 gram not for work of your muscles, first of all for energetic support of a million reactions and for work of automatic systems (breath, heart beating, digestion, metabolic processes of burning carbs!! in short – our life).

And glyceryn, another part of molecule of fat, can invert to glucose  when you are on a “low-carbs diet”  but in this moment the body straight away slows down the basic metabolism!!!!!

In other words, the metabolism will decrease (the speed of exchange reactions and other processes of organism will be reduced). That’s why we can feel sometimes weakness, lethargy and drowsiness. Hair, nails, eyelashes start growing slowly, appears a desire of doing nothing, “I would like to lay” etc. The same happens to our laptop and phone when the battery goes down and they turn on the regime of energy economizing.

Besides it precludes us to do our work, to be with our family etc. So this mechanism of saving energy will turn back with so much suffering and as soon as you get fast carbs they will be delayed in your weight. I hear all the time from young girls “oh I lost so much weight but when I eat little ice-cream I become so fat”
This is so called “slowing down of metabolism”.



So why do you want to murder yourself with the lack of complete energy if for losing weight you may just make your diner lighter, exclude garbage, sleep well and add more physical exercises.




Meal in a training day

What your meal plan during the training day should be.

It is known that you should waste more energy than to get it (to eat) if you want to lose your weight.

So during the training day it’s much easier to waste your energy than in non-training days because doing sports (any physical activity) make you lose from 300 to 500 in average.  For losing weight we need exactly this deficit of energy.

What should we eat?

As you know for losing your weight you need to eat often (3 basic having meal and 2-3 snacks).

Training will be useful whenever you do it (just do it).



Basic food should be eaten 1-1.5 hours before the training (depends on how much you eat) and snacks may be eaten 1 hour before.

Before starting your exercises you are supposed to have meal which contains basically carbohydrates.

You need to charge your muscles and your liver with glycogen. Otherwise the effectivity of training will be decreased a lot and you’ll lose valuable extra amino acids and a part of your muscle tissue. So that’s why just before training:

Have your breakfasts in a healthy way (I always recommend complete breakfasts with proteins, fats and carbs)

The second breakfast (brunch) in the case if its before training should contain slow carbs (whole wheat and rye bread, cereals). Fruits (fast carbs) also fulfil the reserve of energy (glycogen) for effective work of muscles during the training but not that completely as slow carbs it would make. Fruits are good for “just in case” but if you’re going to have training and you’ve eaten like two hours ago those carbs will digest quickly. They will “present” you sugar blood and will give you just a small power percent.

– For the lunch you should eat maximum completely and variously food with all the necessary components.

Your afternoon snack should contain slow carbohydrates.

Have dinner completely (proteins, fats and carbs) in case if your training is after the dinner.


BUT NEVER do sport with a full stomach! Because:
– during making exercises you’ll feel discomfort and heaviness in your stomach.
– as soon as you eat your organism will “pay attention” to your G.I. but not to your muscles. So the training will be lazy and not effective.
– for losing your weight this food would be absolutely useless because your body gets energy from just eaten products.

Your muscles will get energy from just eaten food so for the losing weight process this food is absolutely useless. We need lipolysis (fat burning) which happens in case if we have enough oxygen (aerobic exercises) and if our stomach is empty. Power trainings are very important for losing your weight as well.

What should we eat after having exercises? This is what people ask me all the time. For the maximum effectivity I would suggest you to drink protein cocktail during 30 minutes after having sport. It should be made with water or low fat milk. In this case we can restore and safe our muscles. Also straight away after the training, next to the cocktail,  you can add any fruit to feed your muscles after work and fill out your energy reserves.


If it’s morning exercises be attentive to get more proteins during the snack. If your goal is not about growing your muscles then replace slow carbs from your snack at all but leave the fruits (bananas are very good cause they contain lots of potassium and fructose which may feed your tired muscles). During your lunch time DO NOT exclude slow carbs (garnish). Your lunch is supposed to be complete with proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

As a good variant for the second breakfast after doing your exercises you may have a banana plus protein milk shake. If your training is in the evening you should eat something light with proteins such as curd, eggs, not fat fish, chicken, kefir or yoghurt plus vegies (for the brunch they may be also fruits, berries, nuts) and a little bit of slow carbs with a low glycemic index (for example rye bread or toasts). For a brunch it can be as well omelet of curd. For example for your dinner you may have green salad with tuna, salad with sea kale and egg (without yolk), baked vegies with chicken chest and 30 grams of bread etc.

If you’ve already had your protein cocktail right after your training you can have an apple with nuts for brunch or it can be toasts with avocado. For your dinner you may have for example salad with yoghurt with a piece of rye bread (30 grams).

Don’t even think of making any “fashionable” trainings being hungry because there is nothing common in definition “HEALTHY TRAINING”. This is the way to treat yourself because when your organism has a lack of glucose it will get all your reserves with amino acids which your body usually keeps to upload the cells. Then your body will start destroy your muscle tissues for getting of amino acids to supply your muscles with energy. When you are overweight and you haven’t been doing sport for many years you will harm your organism and you will look older if you feel starving all the time.

And also don’t think to get hungry after trainings. Your organism will revenge you with a slow metabolic process. You won’t lose your weight you are in risk even to gain it.

Everything is not that complicated. 😉


Eat healthy food and be happy!



SNACKS! What should we have for snacks quickly and right?🤓

Girls always ask me what they should eat for a snacks.


Snack is a small portion of food which we have between breakfast, lunch and dinner or when we feel starving. Alright, this is what you should have as a healthy snack:


For a brunch (2d breakfast)  you should always have FRUITS adding PROTEINS (plant or animal)  and a little bit of slow carbs or without them (it depends on activity of your day).

Your organism will always thank you for an additional fruit. It’s always better to have natural fruits!

Making juice you erase all the most necessary components such as cellulose, in this case you increase the concentration of fructose (which turns into fat immediately).

Better variant is to eat smoothie but don’t forget this is another portion of sugar so I would recommend you again to prefer natural fruits and salads!

In this case cellulose blocks the spread of fructose and  the increase  of blood sugar slows down. Insulin works normally not turning into fat.

But when you eat something sweet such as cookies or candies you increase your blood sugar very fast. At this moment mister Insulin (as our professor called it🙂) starts developing itself in a great quantity and here begins active fat fusion.


As about adding proteins they can be nuts, yoghurts, milk or kefir.

If you plan to train in an hour or two you should have something which includes slow carbs for example porridges, muesli without sugar, a piece of bread, toasts etc.

For a brunch I would better recommend you to have nuts (but don’t forget you are not supposed to eat them much, no more than 50 grams a day)!

Your organism will always thank you if you eat nuts. They contain vitamins minerals and polyunsaturated fats.

BUT I recommend you just to ADD nuts into your snacks not to eat them as basic food instead.

At first it’s hard to stop yourself. 😃 Nuts are very nutritional. Each 100 grams contain around 600 calories (like a whole lunch).

The second fact is that nuts can’t give you slow carbs so you won’t get required energy ! (especially before trainings).

The third fact is that nuts contain a lot of fat. You will overdose your norm of fats if you eat too much nuts.



Between lunch and dinner you should have an afternoon snack consisting of carbs and proteins.

You may add fruits if you wish. It’s very important to eat completely in the afternoon.

I always recommend it to my clients especially to those people who want to lose weight!

It is known anyone who doesn’t eat normally during the day will try to make up for past neglect by eating during the evening and night time. But if you try to lose your weight you must reduce having carbs in the evening (not to exclude!!!).


Here is an example of healthy SNACKES:


The second breakfast (brunch): fruits, dried fruits, fruit salads PLUS nuts

Afternoon snack (potluck lunch): muesli plus milk or yoghurt, rye or whole grain bread plus eggs, toasts plus cottage cheese  or cheese with vegies etc.

You may bake all these ingredients. As an additional variant you can cook an omelet or pancakes with cottage cheese and apples without oil etc.

Oh yes one more very important thing! You shouldn’t starve in the evening time. It can be supper for you if you feel hungry. You’re allowed to drink a glass of low fat milk, kefir or yoghurt but not later than one hour before going to bed! 👆


Eat healthy and be happy!😍

Eat properly for losing fat!

“You need eating completely to lose your weight”! 👆
This is what I always say to my clients and this phrase makes them shocked.🙄

But as soon as they start trusting me they get amazing results. 🙂

So what is the secret of the success?

The matter is that when people starve their organisms hoard “nasty” but very important fats.

Because fat is our energy for a million of reactions in our cells such as heart beating, breathing, digestion etc., this reserve of energy saves our body warmth , creates other important functions, building the walls of our cells etc.

When you starve (following different diets 900-1200-1500 calories just reduce your healthy carbs), you just completely stress your organism out and it has to “economize the resources”, it slows down metabolism (workability, heart beating, blood circulation, intestinal dysfunction, different reactions, nerve and muscular conduction) etc.

It slows down all the important processes for reducing energy demands because YOU deprive your organism of “proper” energy (enough quantity of slow carbs). Your organism is ready even to sacrifice your muscles for getting energy back! It would resist till the last moment but still wouldn’t give the desirable fats for the burning!!!

My dear friends, this is an elementary mechanism of self-preservation. 😉

And one more thing: if you deprive yourself of NECESSARY vitamins and minerals following different diets, your organism will beg you for survive.

In this case LYPOLYSIS (fat-burning) process is not working here anymore (and by the way fat burning happens only if you have enough vitamins and minerals in your organism).

Everyone who has ever followed any hungry diet or any crazy mono diets, knows very well what happens in the end… Fat is ALWAYS back and with PLUS more fat! 😉

So for easy, nonsuffering and effective losing weight you MUST feed your organism completely with all the necessary nutritional components (proteins, fats, hydrocarbons, vitamins and minerals, water and fibre).

As soon as you start eating properly your fat will melt as snow in summertime. 🤓



Do we need breakfasts?🙄

“Breakfasts are extremely important!”  This is one of the most popular phrases which I always say to my clients.🙂

Here is a couple words about importance of having breakfast.

More and more I face in internet with different articles such as: “myths about importance of having breakfasts”, “it’s not that bad to miss breakfasts” etc. which are based on doubtful investigations. Don’t trust anyone! Yeah perhaps there were investigations regarding metabolism and breakfasts but in those articles you wouldn’t find any information about the health of the test subjects.

The simple truth is that absence of breakfasts harms your health.

They are:
1) hyper lining of your stomach with too much hydrochloric acid ( your stomach and your gastric juices after waking up are ready for feeding). If we ignore these signals we risk getting gastritis, duodenitis and ulcerative enterocolitis.

2) If you take too long breaks between having meal you risk getting gallstones and constipations (I mean those people who don’t eat since evening time till afternoon of the next day, who don’t eat in the morning because they rush and then drink coffee with crab food at work). You should have breakfast during an hour since you’ve been awake!

3) Exactly in the morning in human’s organism happens reaction of harmons that boost metabolism. For their effective work we must support them with the proper energy. If we don’t eat in the morning we don’t give that important energy to our organism. In this case we slow down metabolism and ourselves!👆 We feel exhausted, vague, we may look at the same point for a long time, we are lazy to think and work, we don’t want to go to the gym, we just want to lay on the sofa that’s it. All these reactions are happening exactly because our body is slowing down the metabolism. Our organism tries not to waste energy so that’s why during the day everything is messed up.

Here is the picture of what’s going on with your organism:➡️ when we don’t eat in the morning our organism slows down all the important processes economizing energy and when you have for a lunch useless meal such as a candy with coffee your organism tells you: “no thanks, mate, I don’t need it anymore!” and keeps on collecting energy making you weak and exhausted. ➡️The conclusion is that all we need to have complete breakfasts in the morning because it’s absolutely important.‼️

My photo article seems to be not that attractive but it is truthful (you’ve got just a couple minutes for making breakfast because as usual you’re late for work).

But this is the closest variant which is healthy meal plus real life. 😃 Being a dietologist my ration for a day is just simple healthy food.

Breakfasts should be complete! 👆But it shouldn’t consist of buns, cookies and sandwiches with sausage – those are absolutely useless products which may become the reason of blood sugar increasing for a short period of time (let’s not forget that blood extra sugar turns into fat immediately). As soon as the energy comes to an end here appears that slowdown process which I’ve described before. As the result you stay without long energy!


Have complete breakfasts – proteins, fats and carbs!

👉The base is slow-releasing carbs, they are: whole grain cereals, rye bread or toasts, durum wheat macarons, sugar free muesli of usual natural cereal, sugar free cereal of whole grains (you can mix it with fruits and berries).

👉Proteins always goes in a complex with fats, they are: eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt without sugar, cheese – these are the best combination fats plus proteins. Men can add boiled meat or fish but not sausages or ham (which are full of hidden fats, bad cholesterol, salt and other trash (gluten, preservatives, dyes etc.). You may create everything that you want from healthy products, there is always a choice. You’re supposed to cook different breakfasts every morning not the same dish all the time.

For example my ideal breakfast is: 4 spoons of oatmeal plus 100 grams of cottage cheese plus berries or a spoon of jam or honey. (You may add a spoon of linen seeds as well). It wakes and cheers me up! 😉


About my blog

Nutrition and fitness

Definitely there is a lot of information in our days on this topic and it’s hard to understand where is the truth. My program is based on many years of studying and own experience with my patients and also myself. My articles and notifications will help those people who want to be good at proper meal, who wants to distinguish garbage from natural healthy food. Basically the main theme of my blog is healthy food and rational sport.    

I don’t like much the expression “proper meal” because the concept of something right always makes people think psychologically in opposite way and of course we feel like we want to break the rules. As the matter of fact there is an entrenched stereotype about healthy food like “eating less or having tasteless food”. It’s absolutely wrong opinion. You shouldn’t starve or limit yourself in having meal because in fact there are a lot of ways to vary healthy food with so many receipts. I will teach you eating completely and tasty.

Nowadays all the world (especially women) are crazy about losing weight, about diets and ideal shapes of the body. But listen to what I’m going to tell you: there is a natural limit of burning fat and if you do everything possible to cross this limit then it means that in the future you will get permanent physical harm. In other words you will break important details in your mechanism which are repaired really hard.

My advice is never losing your head and always listening to your organism. If you learn automatically to filtrate what useful for your organism is then soon it will automatically “thank you” too giving great results such as healthy and beautiful appearance. And for this goal you don’t need to have cubes on your belly (by the way they disappear very quickly) because female organism is supposed to contain fat by nature and it’s absolutely normal thing!

If you’re overweight of course in this case you need to work hard and to do more sports but not cutting your ration. By saying overweight I literally mean extra weight (when index of the body mass exceeds norms) cause it ruins your health, it gives pressure on your heart and your joints.  If your weight is normal don’t try to burn “healthy” fat which is given to all women by nature. Being victims of internet and fake information many girls lose their weight constantly. With these actions they destroy normal functioning of their organism (ovaries and hormones start working in a wrong way). My dear visitors, let’s study to live and eat properly! I’ll try all my best to write articles clearly, I will simplify for you medical terminology and share the most important things.