Alcohol and losing weight

Alcohol and losing weight

Why it`s affecting the process…

There are always in our life parties and disco, guests and meetings with the friends. What can we do with the alcohol if we lose our weight and eat healthy food?
This is the most popular question which my patients constantly ask me about.🤓

This is particularly relevant question because healthy food is not just a limited diet. First of all this is the way you choose your healthy complete food for all your life. As a rule it’s impossible totally to refuse alcohol because it has become traditional to have strong drinks when we celebrate holidays. 🥂🍻

Certainly as a doctor I would recommend you to minimize drinking alcohol especially during the process of losing your weight. But if your wish is so strong or circumstances make you to drink alcohol then you should pay attention about a couple of things below.

Alcohol is a set of empty calories (energy). 1 gram of alcohol is about seven calories. They don’t contain any nutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) – so they can’t locate as fat deposit in your body that’s why the excess of them disappears while we are dancing, talking and making other actions. 

But everything that goes after the alcohol may be deposited as fat in our body because looking for easy prey of energy our organism prefers the molecules of ethanol which get into our liver immediately and burning give us more energy (the base of life).

For example, you had lunch at 2 p.m. so you got energy enough for 3-4 hours then you wanted to eat again (your organism told you to start looking for energy).

Then let’s imagine at 6 p.m. you visited your friends and you decided to chill out, so you had alcohol with a sandwich. Your organism quickly got this energy, basically they would be proteins and fats, because your organism constantly needs them.

But the carbs (main source of energy) and a part of fats your organism would collect as strategic reserve because right at that moment there was enough energy from alcohol. 👆

Here is the main reason of slowing down of the losing weight process. It doesn’t mean at all you can’t eat while you are drinking alcohol (not at all), you must eat during this process because:

⚠️definitely it’s not enough for your body to get “EMPTY” energy. For example if you have a party with your friends (I mean alcohol and fast food) instead of having regular healthy dinner then your metabolism will be slowed down. Having the lack of important components, the process of fat burn becomes very slow. And remember that alcohol without food is the straight way to stomach diseases.

⚠️Everything that you’ve drank goes straight ahead in to your blood. Your liver tries hard to break down everything you’ve got. If you get too much alcohol then the extra doze freezes on the first leverage of oxidation creating acetaldehyde which is a very strong poison. That’s why sometimes when we drink too much alcohol we have a headache and vomiting in the morning. So if you have normal food while you’re drinking alcohol the part of it doesn’t fall in to you blood, it passes by.

So what are we supposed to do? My recommendations are:

  1. let’s choose an optimal decision: low-alcohol drinks contain less calories (though there are more carbohydrates but the level is not critical). Let’s compare, for example: 150 grams of dry red wine will bring you 114 calories of energy. Those calories will be wasted by your organism quickly and it will start waste reserves of delayed fats. But as soon as you drink 100 grams of vodka you’ll get 235 calories which don’t dissolve that simply (especially since people drink usually more than 100 grams).

  2. Don’t drink a lot. For the comfort of your liver it shouldn’t be more than 50 grams of alcohol (it’s about 300-350 ml of dry wine or 120 grams of cognac etc.). It’s just like the same mechanism: the more you drink alcohol the longer the nutrients “rest” in your organism, the same happens to vitamins and to microelements (that’s why sometimes we feel energized but still hungry).

  3. Mix the drinks. Mix wine with water, mix whiskey with soda (better without gases). It helps to reduce the speed and the quantity of getting alcohol in your blood. Besides additional water is simply important for your body because alcohol is the strongest diuretic and easily becomes the result of dehydration.

  4. You should choose drink with the highest level of tanning substance which slows down absorption of alcohol. Red wine here is more preferable than white wine, as cognac and whiskey are more preferable than vodka and gin.

  5. And of course eat well. Here is the same principle as it would be during having healthy food. The carbs should be slow and the protein should be taken from low-fat fish and meat. There should be fewer fats. Alcohol plus fats is the scary combination (it’s a straight way to pancreatitis). Eat more vegies and fruits but everything should be balanced. It shouldn’t be just oranges with wine or dry fish with beer instead of a normal dinner.

  6. You should stretch the time and have as slow as possible your drinks then you may avoid easier all the negative consequences for you but meantime enjoy the evening with your friends.