"Any disease and condition possible to correct with lifestyle

Hello everyone!

My name is Dr.Katsiaryna Emeljana. I am a Holistic Medicine Practitioner


I graduated Vitebsk State Medical University (Republic of Belarus) in 2008 and had been working as a GP for 5 years. Later I decided to change the field of my medicine practice  and graduated 3-years clinical residency course of dermatovenerology department at Medical Gomel State University (Republic of Belarus)


When I was a student of Medical University I was fond of fitness, always wanted to get an additional education as a fitness instructor and to train my own groups in free from work time.

And during internship i got my fitness-instructor diploma. First it was little groups after doctor`s work and later I opened my own fitness-club in Belarus

I taught different types of aerobics and fitness classes for a couple of hours a day for more than 10 years overall

I really liked the idea of helping people to lose their weight, to make their muscles and health stronger, to create healthy food diet plans and training, prevent and treat diseases exactly this way! It was my passion!

That`s how i came to NUTRITION WORLD!

And later on, being the chief of the club, a doctor, nutritionist and an fitness – instructor with a wide experience, I got my postgraduate education in dietetics in Moscow!

I united the knowledge of two very interesting professions which help people to improve their health and prevent from many diseases. 

At the moment I live in London, UK and work with my clients and patients all around the world. 

Recently I graduated MSc Clinical Nutrition Course at Roehampton University in London. In parrallel, studied Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming.

Nowadays the main my direction is Holistic Medicine. Because every day I see in my patients incredible and sometimes “magic” results from simple food settings and life style / mindset changes.

I do my job with so much pleasure and trying my best! 🙂