What your meal plan during the training day should be.

It is known that you should waste more energy than to get it (to eat) if you want to lose your weight.

So during the training day it’s much easier to waste your energy than in non-training days because doing sports (any physical activity) make you lose from 300 to 500 in average.  For losing weight we need exactly this deficit of energy.

What should we eat?

As you know for losing your weight you need to eat often (3 basic having meal and 2-3 snacks).

Training will be useful whenever you do it (just do it).



Basic food should be eaten 1-1.5 hours before the training (depends on how much you eat) and snacks may be eaten 1 hour before.

Before starting your exercises you are supposed to have meal which contains basically carbohydrates.

You need to charge your muscles and your liver with glycogen. Otherwise the effectivity of training will be decreased a lot and you’ll lose valuable extra amino acids and a part of your muscle tissue. So that’s why just before training:

Have your breakfasts in a healthy way (I always recommend complete breakfasts with proteins, fats and carbs)

The second breakfast (brunch) in the case if its before training should contain slow carbs (whole wheat and rye bread, cereals). Fruits (fast carbs) also fulfil the reserve of energy (glycogen) for effective work of muscles during the training but not that completely as slow carbs it would make. Fruits are good for “just in case” but if you’re going to have training and you’ve eaten like two hours ago those carbs will digest quickly. They will “present” you sugar blood and will give you just a small power percent.

– For the lunch you should eat maximum completely and variously food with all the necessary components.

Your afternoon snack should contain slow carbohydrates.

Have dinner completely (proteins, fats and carbs) in case if your training is after the dinner.


BUT NEVER do sport with a full stomach! Because:
– during making exercises you’ll feel discomfort and heaviness in your stomach.
– as soon as you eat your organism will “pay attention” to your G.I. but not to your muscles. So the training will be lazy and not effective.
– for losing your weight this food would be absolutely useless because your body gets energy from just eaten products.

Your muscles will get energy from just eaten food so for the losing weight process this food is absolutely useless. We need lipolysis (fat burning) which happens in case if we have enough oxygen (aerobic exercises) and if our stomach is empty. Power trainings are very important for losing your weight as well.

What should we eat after having exercises? This is what people ask me all the time. For the maximum effectivity I would suggest you to drink protein cocktail during 30 minutes after having sport. It should be made with water or low fat milk. In this case we can restore and safe our muscles. Also straight away after the training, next to the cocktail,  you can add any fruit to feed your muscles after work and fill out your energy reserves.


If it’s morning exercises be attentive to get more proteins during the snack. If your goal is not about growing your muscles then replace slow carbs from your snack at all but leave the fruits (bananas are very good cause they contain lots of potassium and fructose which may feed your tired muscles). During your lunch time DO NOT exclude slow carbs (garnish). Your lunch is supposed to be complete with proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

As a good variant for the second breakfast after doing your exercises you may have a banana plus protein milk shake. If your training is in the evening you should eat something light with proteins such as curd, eggs, not fat fish, chicken, kefir or yoghurt plus vegies (for the brunch they may be also fruits, berries, nuts) and a little bit of slow carbs with a low glycemic index (for example rye bread or toasts). For a brunch it can be as well omelet of curd. For example for your dinner you may have green salad with tuna, salad with sea kale and egg (without yolk), baked vegies with chicken chest and 30 grams of bread etc.

If you’ve already had your protein cocktail right after your training you can have an apple with nuts for brunch or it can be toasts with avocado. For your dinner you may have for example salad with yoghurt with a piece of rye bread (30 grams).

Don’t even think of making any “fashionable” trainings being hungry because there is nothing common in definition “HEALTHY TRAINING”. This is the way to treat yourself because when your organism has a lack of glucose it will get all your reserves with amino acids which your body usually keeps to upload the cells. Then your body will start destroy your muscle tissues for getting of amino acids to supply your muscles with energy. When you are overweight and you haven’t been doing sport for many years you will harm your organism and you will look older if you feel starving all the time.

And also don’t think to get hungry after trainings. Your organism will revenge you with a slow metabolic process. You won’t lose your weight you are in risk even to gain it.

Everything is not that complicated. 😉


Eat healthy food and be happy!