“You need eating completely to lose your weight”! 👆
This is what I always say to my clients and this phrase makes them shocked.🙄

But as soon as they start trusting me they get amazing results. 🙂

So what is the secret of the success?

The matter is that when people starve their organisms hoard “nasty” but very important fats.

Because fat is our energy for a million of reactions in our cells such as heart beating, breathing, digestion etc., this reserve of energy saves our body warmth , creates other important functions, building the walls of our cells etc.

When you starve (following different diets 900-1200-1500 calories just reduce your healthy carbs), you just completely stress your organism out and it has to “economize the resources”, it slows down metabolism (workability, heart beating, blood circulation, intestinal dysfunction, different reactions, nerve and muscular conduction) etc.

It slows down all the important processes for reducing energy demands because YOU deprive your organism of “proper” energy (enough quantity of slow carbs). Your organism is ready even to sacrifice your muscles for getting energy back! It would resist till the last moment but still wouldn’t give the desirable fats for the burning!!!

My dear friends, this is an elementary mechanism of self-preservation. 😉

And one more thing: if you deprive yourself of NECESSARY vitamins and minerals following different diets, your organism will beg you for survive.

In this case LYPOLYSIS (fat-burning) process is not working here anymore (and by the way fat burning happens only if you have enough vitamins and minerals in your organism).

Everyone who has ever followed any hungry diet or any crazy mono diets, knows very well what happens in the end… Fat is ALWAYS back and with PLUS more fat! 😉

So for easy, nonsuffering and effective losing weight you MUST feed your organism completely with all the necessary nutritional components (proteins, fats, hydrocarbons, vitamins and minerals, water and fibre).

As soon as you start eating properly your fat will melt as snow in summertime. 🤓