NEXT START on 20th of October!

What is the ONLINE course DES? ⠀

This is a training course to learn DoctorEmeljanaSystem (the system of quality nutrition, smart weight loss and rational sports)
Duration - 4 weeks.

PURPOSE: reduction of body fat, increase in muscle mass, HEALTH IMPROVING, elimination of "cravings for sweets", improvement of skin, hair, nails. Studying the basics of healthy, high-quality nutrition, receiving clear instructions! Reduction of "bad" cholesterol, increased blood sugar, treating the low hemoglobin. Treatment of weakness, depression, pain in the joints and other pathologies.

Includes: ⠀
➡️1. 28 variants of ALL meals with some recipes in the application for smartphones "DES"

➡️2. Four online lectures from me about the most important and RELIABLE in nutrition and exercise!

➡️3. Nine DES-workouts. They are short (30-minute), but very effective , for different zones, different levels of complexity! 😉 Just repeat after me 💪

➡️4. A lot of knowledge and for you sometimes startling discoveries in the closed Instagram-account (INSTAGRAM-TEXTBOOK). ⠀

➡️5. Communication, support, discussion of topics and all quastions in WhatsApp with me. 

➡️6. 5 live streams with me in Instagram 

On DES you:
-Don't starve!
-Don't cut food (even eat more than usually 😁)!
-Don't need to count any kkal and components!
-Don't need to weigh food!
-Do not keep a diary! Just follow the written in the app and apply new knowledge!
-You do not dream of delicious food, but you can afford them competently! 😉
-You do not count the days!
-Expand metabolism and strengthen your muscles!
-Fill yourself up with vitamins, minerals and all the important components of food!
-You just enjoy food, life, prosperity and your inner and outer transformation! ⠀

Cost - 50 £

Sincerely, Katsiaryna Emeljana