Do we need breakfasts?🙄

“Breakfasts are extremely important!”  This is one of the most popular phrases which I always say to my clients.🙂

Here is a couple words about importance of having breakfast.

More and more I face in internet with different articles such as: “myths about importance of having breakfasts”, “it’s not that bad to miss breakfasts” etc. which are based on doubtful investigations. Don’t trust anyone! Yeah perhaps there were investigations regarding metabolism and breakfasts but in those articles you wouldn’t find any information about the health of the test subjects.

The simple truth is that absence of breakfasts harms your health.

They are:
1) hyper lining of your stomach with too much hydrochloric acid ( your stomach and your gastric juices after waking up are ready for feeding). If we ignore these signals we risk getting gastritis, duodenitis and ulcerative enterocolitis.

2) If you take too long breaks between having meal you risk getting gallstones and constipations (I mean those people who don’t eat since evening time till afternoon of the next day, who don’t eat in the morning because they rush and then drink coffee with crab food at work). You should have breakfast during an hour since you’ve been awake!

3) Exactly in the morning in human’s organism happens reaction of harmons that boost metabolism. For their effective work we must support them with the proper energy. If we don’t eat in the morning we don’t give that important energy to our organism. In this case we slow down metabolism and ourselves!👆 We feel exhausted, vague, we may look at the same point for a long time, we are lazy to think and work, we don’t want to go to the gym, we just want to lay on the sofa that’s it. All these reactions are happening exactly because our body is slowing down the metabolism. Our organism tries not to waste energy so that’s why during the day everything is messed up.

Here is the picture of what’s going on with your organism:➡️ when we don’t eat in the morning our organism slows down all the important processes economizing energy and when you have for a lunch useless meal such as a candy with coffee your organism tells you: “no thanks, mate, I don’t need it anymore!” and keeps on collecting energy making you weak and exhausted. ➡️The conclusion is that all we need to have complete breakfasts in the morning because it’s absolutely important.‼️

My photo article seems to be not that attractive but it is truthful (you’ve got just a couple minutes for making breakfast because as usual you’re late for work).

But this is the closest variant which is healthy meal plus real life. 😃 Being a dietologist my ration for a day is just simple healthy food.

Breakfasts should be complete! 👆But it shouldn’t consist of buns, cookies and sandwiches with sausage – those are absolutely useless products which may become the reason of blood sugar increasing for a short period of time (let’s not forget that blood extra sugar turns into fat immediately). As soon as the energy comes to an end here appears that slowdown process which I’ve described before. As the result you stay without long energy!


Have complete breakfasts – proteins, fats and carbs!

👉The base is slow-releasing carbs, they are: whole grain cereals, rye bread or toasts, durum wheat macarons, sugar free muesli of usual natural cereal, sugar free cereal of whole grains (you can mix it with fruits and berries).

👉Proteins always goes in a complex with fats, they are: eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt without sugar, cheese – these are the best combination fats plus proteins. Men can add boiled meat or fish but not sausages or ham (which are full of hidden fats, bad cholesterol, salt and other trash (gluten, preservatives, dyes etc.). You may create everything that you want from healthy products, there is always a choice. You’re supposed to cook different breakfasts every morning not the same dish all the time.

For example my ideal breakfast is: 4 spoons of oatmeal plus 100 grams of cottage cheese plus berries or a spoon of jam or honey. (You may add a spoon of linen seeds as well). It wakes and cheers me up! 😉


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