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Definitely there is a lot of information in our days on this topic and it’s hard to understand where is the truth. My program is based on many years of studying and own experience with my patients and also myself. My articles and notifications will help those people who want to be good at proper meal, who wants to distinguish garbage from natural healthy food. Basically the main theme of my blog is healthy food and rational sport.    

I don’t like much the expression “proper meal” because the concept of something right always makes people think psychologically in opposite way and of course we feel like we want to break the rules. As the matter of fact there is an entrenched stereotype about healthy food like “eating less or having tasteless food”. It’s absolutely wrong opinion. You shouldn’t starve or limit yourself in having meal because in fact there are a lot of ways to vary healthy food with so many receipts. I will teach you eating completely and tasty.

Nowadays all the world (especially women) are crazy about losing weight, about diets and ideal shapes of the body. But listen to what I’m going to tell you: there is a natural limit of burning fat and if you do everything possible to cross this limit then it means that in the future you will get permanent physical harm. In other words you will break important details in your mechanism which are repaired really hard.

My advice is never losing your head and always listening to your organism. If you learn automatically to filtrate what useful for your organism is then soon it will automatically “thank you” too giving great results such as healthy and beautiful appearance. And for this goal you don’t need to have cubes on your belly (by the way they disappear very quickly) because female organism is supposed to contain fat by nature and it’s absolutely normal thing!

If you’re overweight of course in this case you need to work hard and to do more sports but not cutting your ration. By saying overweight I literally mean extra weight (when index of the body mass exceeds norms) cause it ruins your health, it gives pressure on your heart and your joints.  If your weight is normal don’t try to burn “healthy” fat which is given to all women by nature. Being victims of internet and fake information many girls lose their weight constantly. With these actions they destroy normal functioning of their organism (ovaries and hormones start working in a wrong way). My dear visitors, let’s study to live and eat properly! I’ll try all my best to write articles clearly, I will simplify for you medical terminology and share the most important things.    

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