About me

My name is Katsiaryna Emeljana.

I am a dietitian (also a general practice therapist and  dermatovenerologist) and at the same time I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Many years I`m working in  health sphere, fitness, sport and nutrition science.

A few words about how I came to the world of health and fitness...

In 2008 I graduated from Vitebsk State Medical University (Republic of Belarus) where I got my medical diploma as a general practice doctor. When I was a student I was fond of fitness, I always wanted to get an additional education as a fitness instructor and to train my own groups while I was free from work.

And in internship time I got an additional education as a fitness-instructor.

When I already was working as a GP doctor  in the evenings after work I was arranging aerobic classes in the hostel where I lived. It was my passion! 🙂

Later I decided to change the field of my medicine practice  and entered the  clinical residency course of dermatovenerology department at Medical Gomel State University (Republic of Belarus). While studying in extramural study also I managed to work as a specialist in medical insurance.

But my university dream to become a dermatologist-cosmetologist doctor didn’t come true. My destiny turned me to another way! 🙂

While I was doing the clinical residency I was lucky to rent a place  where I could set up my own fitness classes. Everyone who visited my lessons enjoyed them and later the number of visitors started rising up. I adored to be a fitness-instructor and it was my pleasure to do that! 🙂

At that moment I finally understood that fitness was more important and interesting to me than dermatology. I liked the idea of helping people to lose their weight, to make their muscles and health stronger, to create healthy food diet plans and trainings. As the matter of fact I graduated from dermatology department, I got my second diploma but I never used it for my professional career because my decision was to continue working in the fitness direction. As soon as I got my diploma I quitted the job at insurance company where I used to work and I started my own fitness-club.    

Initially the groups there were small, I taught different types of aerobics and fitness for a couple of hours a day. Then another fitness instructors joined to my club. We developed our fitness club gradually, we created more fitness groups and directions! Later I even managed to open the gym. In three years we became a very popular fitness-club in our city.

And later being the boss of the club, being a doctor, nutritionist and an fitness - instructor with a wide experience I got my diploma as a professional dietitian in Moscow with a big pleasure! 🙂  

I united the knowledge and the determination of two very interesting professions which help people to improve their health and prevent from many diseases.

Today when I work professionally in both directions I can discover many things and make my own conclusions.

Now having very rich experience in the field of nutrition and fitness I help people to become happier with healthy food and adequate sport.

Now I live in London, UK and work with my clients all around the world.

I do my job with so much pleasure and do my best! 🙂