“As soon as Kate suggested me to use the CONTOLLING PROGRAMME I was about to refuse. At that moment all my thoughts were about my comfort zone and the fact that I had to change whatever in my life stressed me out. But I could convince myself and then I never regretted about my choice. Initially it was really hard to change my habits which I used to have for so many years.

But when I started to see the results I absolutely changed my mind. My first feelings besides losing my weight were positive thoughts and the great mood. I was smiling without any reason on my way home from work. I keep on doing what I’ve started and also I help my relatives to lead a healthy mode of life. The most important in our life is our health. If you are healthy you are happy!”


This is one of the participants of my CONTROLLING PROGRAMME (8 weeks +1 week of start).

Her name’s Victoria. Here you can see the results:

minus 14 cm at the breast.
– minus 11 cm at the waist
– minus 9 cm at the buttock.
– minus 4 cm at each hip and 3 cm at each leg.
– minus 6 cm at each shoulder.
– minus 5 cm at the neck.

As the matter of fact all her clothes became huge and she had to change the wardrobe completely.

In the meantime she lost just 4 kilos of her weight for 9 weeks. This fact shows us how subjective weight can be when we try to lose it!

The best way is to check actual measurements. Even when the fat disappears and the visual result is great, the weight still remains the same, it’s amazing!

So during the healthy and adequate weight loss fat leaves and muscles appear. It’s known that muscles are heavier than fat so they compensate the loss of fat.

When people rush, when they starve they lose their valuable muscles this is what I keep on telling to my clients.

As soon as they lose MORE than 0.5 (maximum 1) kilos a week –  first of all they burn their muscles.

Victoria’s muscles became stronger because she got enough quantity of protein and an adequate number of trainings.

Like the other girls she’s learnt everything and she keeps on losing weight in her own way. She enjoys complete tasty meal and healthy receipts, she gets drive from sport.

I am pretty sure that she will have to change her wardrobe again really soon.  🙂