SNACKS! What should we have for snacks quickly and right?🤓

Girls always ask me what they should eat for a snacks.


Snack is a small portion of food which we have between breakfast, lunch and dinner or when we feel starving. Alright, this is what you should have as a healthy snack:


For a brunch (2d breakfast)  you should always have FRUITS adding PROTEINS (plant or animal)  and a little bit of slow carbs or without them (it depends on activity of your day).

Your organism will always thank you for an additional fruit. It’s always better to have natural fruits!

Making juice you erase all the most necessary components such as cellulose, in this case you increase the concentration of fructose (which turns into fat immediately).

Better variant is to eat smoothie but don’t forget this is another portion of sugar so I would recommend you again to prefer natural fruits and salads!

In this case cellulose blocks the spread of fructose and  the increase  of blood sugar slows down. Insulin works normally not turning into fat.

But when you eat something sweet such as cookies or candies you increase your blood sugar very fast. At this moment mister Insulin (as our professor called it🙂) starts developing itself in a great quantity and here begins active fat fusion.


As about adding proteins they can be nuts, yoghurts, milk or kefir.

If you plan to train in an hour or two you should have something which includes slow carbs for example porridges, muesli without sugar, a piece of bread, toasts etc.

For a brunch I would better recommend you to have nuts (but don’t forget you are not supposed to eat them much, no more than 50 grams a day)!

Your organism will always thank you if you eat nuts. They contain vitamins minerals and polyunsaturated fats.

BUT I recommend you just to ADD nuts into your snacks not to eat them as basic food instead.

At first it’s hard to stop yourself. 😃 Nuts are very nutritional. Each 100 grams contain around 600 calories (like a whole lunch).

The second fact is that nuts can’t give you slow carbs so you won’t get required energy ! (especially before trainings).

The third fact is that nuts contain a lot of fat. You will overdose your norm of fats if you eat too much nuts.



Between lunch and dinner you should have an afternoon snack consisting of carbs and proteins.

You may add fruits if you wish. It’s very important to eat completely in the afternoon.

I always recommend it to my clients especially to those people who want to lose weight!

It is known anyone who doesn’t eat normally during the day will try to make up for past neglect by eating during the evening and night time. But if you try to lose your weight you must reduce having carbs in the evening (not to exclude!!!).


Here is an example of healthy SNACKES:


The second breakfast (brunch): fruits, dried fruits, fruit salads PLUS nuts

Afternoon snack (potluck lunch): muesli plus milk or yoghurt, rye or whole grain bread plus eggs, toasts plus cottage cheese  or cheese with vegies etc.

You may bake all these ingredients. As an additional variant you can cook an omelet or pancakes with cottage cheese and apples without oil etc.

Oh yes one more very important thing! You shouldn’t starve in the evening time. It can be supper for you if you feel hungry. You’re allowed to drink a glass of low fat milk, kefir or yoghurt but not later than one hour before going to bed! 👆


Eat healthy and be happy!😍