"It`s easy to help people knowing how our organism works"

Katsiaryna Emeljana

Hi, my name is Katsiaryna Emeljana.

I am a professional dietitian and personal trainer.

More than 10 years I`m working in health care and fitness industry.

I came from Belarus and initially I am a doctor of general practice.

Now I help people to be healthier , to know how to feed and train the body in a right and safe way!

To be able to correct the body or health situation ONLY clever way without any harm for the health!

My main goals to give people knowledge and share my experience, to teach people what they need or don`t need for proper work of organism, what dangerous and what useful is.

All my work is about improving health and quality of life !!! 🙂



Tried controlling programm

"My first feelings besides losing my weight were positive thoughts and the great mood. I was smiling without any reason on my way home from work!.."


Tried controlling programm

"Start with you! During the programme of control I lost so a lot of centimeters in my body volume, I lost many kilos and I forgot about my bad mood!.."



"My blood test results became normal again, it’s just unbelievable! Without any medicine!.."

Katsiaryna Emeljana

E-mail: doctor.emeljana@gmail.com

Instagram: @doctor_emeljana

Facebook: facebook.com/dr.emeljana

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