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How it works

1. Applying

2. Payment

3. Filling up the questionnaire

4. Learning your situation

5. Asking blood or other tests if need

6. Sending all recommendations and
INDIVIDUAL meal plan

We are What We Eat
You need dietitian help if you have

  • Excess weight, obesity, underweight
  • Hair loss, weak hair
  • Unhealthy nails
  • Any skin problems
  • Any problems with digestion
  • Weakness, fatigue, anxiety, depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Troubled sleep and hard waking up
  • Weak immune systeme - frequent bacterial, viral and fungal diseases
  • Various chronic diseases (of heart and vessels, GUT, thyroid gland etc., diabetes, autoimmune, allergic, gynecologic deseases)
  • High cholesterol, high blood sugar, low hemoglobin
  • Infertility

the prices

initial consultation

50 £

return consultation

40 £

One month control
4 consultations (1 initial and 3 return with dairy checking and correction)

150 £

My clients feedbacks and results

“During the programme of control I lost so a lot of centimeters in my body volume, I lost many kilos and I forgot about my bad mood!..”
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“My first feelings besides losing my weight were positive thoughts and the great mood. I was smiling without any reason on my way home from work!..”
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“My blood test results became normal again, it’s just unbelievable! Without any medicine!..”

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